Cooperation & Collaboration

In a Roundtable, We're All Equal

Too many times, Professional relationships between advisors aren't fostered and developed in way in which both a client and the advisors benefit. This is because without collaboration and a working knowledge of how each advisor can be referred and introduced into a customer's "Client Team," advisors often go it alone, providing only the advice a their clients solicit from them, and not jointly providing a comprehensive plan that involves multiple disciplines to build a custom solution and better results for the consumer.

The Local Service Network business business team approach to helping a client through their major life decisions in a collaborative way, allows the client and advisors a more thorough, comprehensive and positive experience. Our client come out the winners when their advisors work together to accomplish their client's goals.

Building a Solid Client Team

Be part of a bigger, better and more thoughtful solution

Your clients need experts throughout their life. Financial decisions, tax implications, housing needs and more are easily solved and provided to your clients by you, through your Local Service Network business team. In an organized and managed system, you’ll have happier clients, smoother transactions, significantly increased income and more referrals.

Your Local Service Network includes a variety of Professionals helping clients with services such as:

  • Life planning and events
  • Real estate and property services
  • Property & building maintenance
  • Advice for clients on building wealth
  • Advice for clients on their current asset management.
  • Desire to create and share more opportunities to help others.

Join Your Local Team