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In order to grow their business opportunities, every serious professional needs an expert team behind them to service the needs of their clients', friends and family. By participating in a Local Service Network® (LSN) business team is essential to that mission.

A Local Service Network® business team is substantially different from other networking groups. A Local Service Network® business team focuses on members in business who want to surround themselves with people who are inspired, motivated, passionate, grateful and open-minded. Their clients, friends and family greatly benefit from access to a Local Service Network® business team's combined services to assist an individual.

There is only one member per business type in each LSN, so there's never any uncomfortable competition within a Local Service Network® business team. For example, there may be more than one attorney, but each attorney will have their own particular specialty. Each member is valuable and brings their particular expertise to their seat at the table. Members don’t compete with one another, but instead, act as a resource team for one another.

A Local Service Network® consists of professionals with these qualities:

  • Knowledge of their profession that is at an "expert" level
  • Highly responsible individual
  • Manager/Owner mentality and attitude
  • Successful at their business
  • Full Time in their profession, and NOT having or needing a "second job" for income
  • Desire to connect to other related professionals as resources for a their clients
  • Interested in learning in a team atmosphere
  • Comfortable with use of technology including email, text messaging, mobile applications, smart phone, tablet, PC, etc.

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We may already have one established near you in Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island and they may be looking for you to join and add to their service and knowledge base. If there's no LSN in your area, we'd love to help you establish one with one.

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LSNPros® operates in a mobile office environment and does not maintain a brick & mortar public office. For purposes of licensing, accounting, US Mail and business operations, we maintain a business office located at:

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2 Cherry Tree Lane, Foxborough, MA 02035