My Wealth Management Team

In today’s financial landscape the only constant is change. Financial, tax, real estate and estate matters are complex than ever before. While navigating these important decisions, you need intelligent, trustworthy advice from a team of experienced financial real estate, and wealth management experts.

The business and financial professionals that comprise have come together with the intention of helping you make smart financial decisions. We were formed to provide you a single, central resource. A team of experienced professionals for you to interview and engage to assist you in managing your current financial situation as you diligently work towards achieving your personal life goals.

We do not wish to replace your current advisors that you have trusting and wish to continue to retain; in fact, we would value the opportunity to work together with your other advisors in developing strategies for your success. MyWMT,org is a professional resource offering experts that can be hired either individually for a single objective, or comprehensively engaged to assist with a more coordinated personal and/or business solutions. Each of our advisors is independent from the other. You may decide you only need the assistance of one of us, or several. We are not employed by any one firm, and we do not share confidential information unless requested by you.

We offer individuals, families, business owners and executives what they most need in this current economic environment; a team of financial professionals that provide high-end advice and a unparalleled level of service, all at reasonable costs. Members' expertise include Tax Planning, Retirement Planning, Insurance, Investment Management, Mortgage, Real Estate, College Planning, Commercial Lending, Divorce Mediation & Resolution and Estate Planning professionals with tenured experience and strong community recognition.

The Professionals