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A circle of support.

Members of Bay State Home Advisors have a connection to real estate as a part of their client services. Real Estate is an integral part of any plan to build and manage overall wealth. After all, a home is typically the largest investment and asset owned by many of us. Realizing this, we found a need to create a way for homeowners, homebuyers and home sellers to find well-qualified and seasoned professionals to assist them with all aspects of buying, selling, owning and maintaining real estate and to incorporate this into their overall lifestyle plans and goals.


Help for life’s transitions.

During our lifetime we are presented with many exciting, and challenging opportunities. Events such as going to college, paying for a wedding, buying a home, planning for retirement, planning for a move, enlarging a family, working through a divorce, settling an estate, etc…. all require thoughtful planning and implementation in order to achieve our goals. During these events there is no need to “go it alone” when Bay State Home Advisors provides easy access to independent, valuable, experienced professionals who are available to assist at any step during the process.


A depth of experience.

We are a group of independent professionals working in collaboration to offer a wide array of services to our clients. Each professional in this group offers solutions and services to help individuals and their families acquire, enjoy, manage and preserve their real estate, wealth assets and property in the Bay State area.

The professionals listed on this site are all independent from one another and have years of experience in their profession. You can choose to hire just one of the services represented here, or multiple professionals without any pressure. All of the professionals included in Bay State Home Advisors will provide references and referrals when requested, so that you can hire the right expert with confidence that you are making a smart choice.

Besides the individuals listed below we also have a broad network of experienced individuals in other services related to real estate such as painters, movers, plumbers, general contractors, electricians, landscapers, house cleaners, etc. Should you want or need a referral please ask any one of our team members. We would be happy to help you!

There when you need us.

The Professionals