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Shelby Normandin

Balanced with Coach Shelby

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Mindset Health Coach
Dartmouth, MA

As a coaching professional, I aim to deliver education and inspiration to women in various stages of life. We work together to retrain negative thought patterns that do not serve a healthy lifestyle, while learning how to incorporate positive thoughts and habits. 

I have had different struggles with my mental and physical health throughout my life. During a low time in my journey to find healing, my coach told me that one day I would be able to use what I learned in my struggle to help other people struggling with their health. That statement helped carry me through all the difficult moments of learning how to achieve health in all areas of my life. 

My clients receive the right system, support and accountability needed to achieve transformation in their life. Health starts in the mind, and I am committed to guiding my clients through the journey of believing and achieving optimal health for their life. 

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